marry a rich men.


Raise your hand if you want to marry a rich man.

Wow! Look at all those hands!

You are making a very wise decision.  

Before we start, let me tell you a little about myself. I would not even consider dating a man with anything less than a net worth of at least six figures. That's net worth, not income. It's not just about the money, though. I turned down a billionaire this year. Yes, that's what I said. I turned down a billionaire. More on that later. Calculating, you say? No, smart.  

If you believe Hollywood, rich men are cruising up and down the Strip looking for poor working girls to elevate to princess status and whisk to the altar. Rich boys are in every school, just waiting for some Cinderella to dance away with their hearts. There is a grain of truth in every fairy tale, but it takes a lot more than luck to land a rich husband. You have to go where they are, and prove to them that you have what they need in a wife. It takes work, and lots of it. Still with me? Good.  

Regency romances are filled with enchanting maidens who have only to flash an ankle or flutter a fan to have wealthy men worshiping at their feet and offering for their hand in marriage. Yes, it is as easy to love a rich man as a poor one. One of the silliest things women do is fall in love based on looks or charm, only to find that between yourself and your man, neither of you can afford bus fare. As difficult as life can be, there is nothing to be ashamed of in ensuring a little financial security before you give away your heart. 

Let's define our terms a little before we move forward. What is rich? You are the only one who can decide how much is enough. For the purpose of this article, rich means an income above six figures, and a total net worth of at least six figures or more. These two things are not the same. Income is money coming in from various sources. It does not account for expenses or debt. Net worth does.  

According to Frank Pape, net worth is: "...the number you get when you add up the value of your assets and subtract everything you owe. That's really all there is to it..."  

To be considered rich, the net worth, not the income, needs to be above six figures. What's that? You say you don't like talking about money so bluntly? Tsk, tsk. One of the first lessons you need to learn in pursuing a rich man is to be able to be absolutely clear headed about money. We modern gals have been schooled to believe that there is something slightly sleazy about wanting to marry a rich man. More especially, we have been schooled to be independent, make our own way, and to love for love's sake alone. But some of us just don't agree that there is all that much virtue in standing on our own two feet if it means having little or no security. 

So we are back to wanting to marry a rich man. Wealthy men are usually entrepreneurs, go getters, loving the thrill of the hunt. They are aggressive, and are tops in their field. They are often as physically active and competitive in their personal lives as in their business lives. They work hard and play harder. They expect the best because they give their best. And that is exactly what you will have to be to get a rich man to marry you: the best.

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